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Have you been dreaming of a home remodel for years and you just weren’t sure how to begin the process? The team at Coastal Home Remodeling has years of experience and a wealth of knowledge to help you throughout the process, from conceptualization to execution, we are here for you!

Please note that our work is not limited to home remodeling. Every office space, hotel, restaurant and place of business deserves a sleek and modern upgrade for customers and employees to enjoy. Please call Coastal Home Remodeling today to schedule your free consultation with owner, Sam Chmar!


From the backsplash to counters to new hardware, a kitchen remodel can be a very exciting puzzle to piece together. More than anything, you want your new kitchen to be aesthetic pleasing and our team will create your design plan with you all the way. Dreaming of new countertops to bring a little “pop” to your kitchen? Maybe new cabinets to air new life in a room that your family uses the most? How about a new center island for the kitchen to make meal prep and socializing a little more convenient? All of these dreams are well within reach and can easily be achieved with the Coastal Home Remodeling team, serving homes from Ocean City to Cambridge and throughout Sussex County, DE.


A bathroom can sometimes be a space that is overlooked during the remodeling of your home, but is certainly a space worthy of attention and updated features. From the smallest hall bathroom to a full master bathroom, the bathrooms in your home should be comfortable and tranquil spaces for you and your guests to retreat to. We offer competitive pricing and detailed craftsmanship when replacing bathtubs, tile, sinks and more. From the light fixtures to a full spa experience, all options will be presented and considered when planning your bathroom remodel.


Tile Flooring, Hardwood Flooring and Laminate Flooring are our specialties! Replacing the floors in your home is a fast and easy way to dynamically change the look and feel of your home. Let us know what your challenges are and we will help you find the perfect solution to your flooring needs. What would you like to accomplish with a new floor? A new modern look? Perhaps a new reliable floor to withstand the heavy traffic that your kids and pets bring into the home? Whatever the reason may be, we are happy to guide you through a wide variety of durable and beautiful surfaces to choose from. Replacing your floor has never been easier with the help of the Coastal Home Remodeling Team.


The fastest and most cost effective way to provide your home with a fresh look is to install new siding. Choosing the right siding is key to ensuring that your home will require little to no maintenance at all.

There are also energy efficient choices that will save you money on your energy bills and the enhanced curb appeal of new siding can increase the overall value of your home.

We Are A Company You Can Trust

As a siding contractor on the Delmarva Peninsula, we know that you have many options when choosing a contractor for your home. We feel so confident that we are the right choice for you, that we will not accept payment on your siding project until the job is done – and done right. At Coastal Home Remodeling, we stand behind our work 100%.

CertainTeed Siding Materials – Beautiful And Rock-Solid Durable

When it comes to your home, beauty goes beyond the surface. When choosing Coastal Home Remodeling to replace the siding on your home, you can feel safe knowing that we use industry leader, Certainteed, for all of our siding materials. You will see and feel the difference instantly.

In addition, you will have a large selection to choose from when it comes to siding material and color for your home. Shake & Shingle, Insulated Siding, and Vertical Siding are just a few of the options to choose from when selecting the ideal exterior for your home.

CertainTeed and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

A Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is an analytical tool used to quantify and interpret the flows to-and-from the environment over the entire life cycle of a product, process or service. By including the impacts throughout the product life cycle, a LCA provides a comprehensive view of the environmental aspects of the product and an accurate picture of the environmental costs/benefits of product selection.

LCA Studies: CertainTeed is actively pursuing strategies to reduce our environmental impact, while increasing the sustainability of our operations and products.

Top 5 Reasons You Should Consider New Siding For Your Home:

  1. Severely Faded Siding – All siding has a life expectancy and faded siding is a good indication that it’s time to bring new life to the exterior of your home.
  2. The Home Needs Frequent Painting- If your home requires frequent painting, this is a good sign that something is wrong with the current siding. Good home siding should keep its shape and color for at least 8-10 years.
  3. High Heating & Cooling Bills – When a home’s heating or cooling bills go through the roof, that’s the first place we look to make improvements. Did you know that your siding could also be the cause of higher utility bills?
  4. Cracked Or Loose Siding – Cracked, broken, or loose siding must be removed and replaced immediately. Otherwise, water may seep behind those pieces of siding and potentially cause severe problems down the line.
  5. Fungus, Mold, or Mildew – Any type of growth such as fungus, mold, or mildew on a home’s siding, especially at or near seams in the siding, may indicate that water is penetrating it and being held inside the wall, where it is slowly released once again, causing unwanted growth.

Aesthetics is usually the number one reason why homeowners choose to install new siding. While we also appreciate a beautiful new appearance to any home, protecting a home from potential damage caused from rain, wind, snow, or insects is the ultimate goal for Coastal Home Remodeling.

Decks/Outdoor Shower


Long on life span and short on fuss, composite decking is an excellent choice when building the perfect outdoor living space for your family to enjoy. These man-made boards will never splinter, rot and will never need staining. They are built to withstand the most brutal weather conditions. The team at Coastal Home Remodeling has the experience and know-how to build the deck of your dreams. With many different designs and materials to choose from, we are sure to be your first and last contractor deck contractor on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and Sussex County, DE.

Outdoor Showers

Living in a coastal region definitely has its benefits, but bringing the sand home with you is not one of them. An outdoor shower is ideal cleaning solution prior to entering your home after a day at the beach. Built for both style and convenience, an outdoor shower is also the perfect accent to pool areas where chlorine can easily be washed away.

Installation of your outdoor shower is key. From the pitch of the drainage system to the concrete that will serve as the base to your outdoor shower, our team will take all of these factors into consideration when designing and building the perfect system for your home.

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